Monday, February 25, 2013

An Upcoming Adventure

After a lot of research and many conversations with Lindsey. Becky and I
have decided to pay her a visit in Nicaragua.  She been away from home so long
we decide to take some of home to her,mostly in form of candy, clothing and
some good old fashioned English conversation.
 Our plan is to meet her at the airport in Managua and drive to pacific coast
and spend a few days at a beach house before doing some sight seeing and
working our way back toward Muy Muy. Sounds like fun right. So much that we
persuaded  my daughter Rachel to go along.
   While seeing Lindsey and being able to share some of her Nicaraguan
experience is the main reason for our trip,I have to admit the idea of getting
out of these long johns and into a pair of shorts sounded to good to pass up.
After 51 years of Wisconsin winters, It's hard to go from Oct. till April
without a  respite in a warmer climate. However,for becky and I ,its not always
easy to get from one place to another without a few complications.
    Yogi Berra said," You gotta be careful if you don't know where your goin',
otherwise you might not get there." That seems to be the general theme when our
vacations involve flying.  We've been delayed, rerouted, overbooked and over
nighted. But everything always seems to work out in the end. We once came home
to a blizzard in Chicago. There were no buses running and 100 people were in
line trying to rent cars. We started talking to a couple who was renting a car
to drive home to Lacrosse.  We offered to share the cost of their rental if
they could drop us off in janesville on their way by. A much better idea than
spending the night in a cot colony in the airport. We made it home and we made
new friends.
    We almost missed one flight because ,just for fun, we stopped to get our
shoes shined. They were litually closing the door as I sped down the ramp in my
newly shined boots. Of course that was our own fault. And the time we flew to
Las Vegas and came back married,was our own fault too.
But , like I said ,everything seems to work out very well in the end.
  This trip should be a piece of cake. I'll be escorted around by 3 world
travelers. Between Becky ,Lindsey and Rachel , they have been to Kenya ,
England , France, Ireland , Costa Rica,
Mexico,Jamiaca, Australia , Thailand and of course Nicaragua. With Lindsey as
our interpreter , I feel pretty good about gettin' where we're goin'. But
then,I not really sure where I'm goin'.
 Should be interesting. We'll keep you posted.

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  1. Well,let the adventures begin!! I know that you all will have a great time. I have to admit, I am very jealous! Mostly because you get to see Lindsey and the weather! Please give her a huge hug and then hug her again! I can`t wait to hear your next adventure. Please be safe!

    Love Tracy