Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Things to look forward to...

School starts on Monday, and I´m more than ready to get working.
I´ll be getting more visitors this month, always exciting.
I just learned how to build improved ovens, so that´s my next project on hand.
Because I´ll be getting visitors I´ll have a guest blogger while they are here, hopefully it will make this a little more exciting because lately I´ve been pretty lame. I apologize, it´s becoming a worn and tired sitcom that hooks you in the beginning, but quickly loses it´s spark. I promise I´ll make some changes and hopefully the guest blogger will rejuvenate my blogging-writing abilities.
I really don´t have anything exciting to share, I´ve been pretty low key lately. I don´t even have a funny joke to share. Please don´t lose hope on me, in a couple of weeks return and read about my adventures from a different voice. I promise you won´t regret it!

1 comment:

  1. Hi sweetheart!

    I never think anything you do, think or write could ever be lame! I am glad that you are back in school. If nothing else... it hopefully will make time pass quickly. i am sure the kids are very excited to have you as their teacher. I only wish that they could grasp the fact of how lucky they are. You are a wonderful example of an American, but more important.. a human being. You are an inspiration! I am glad that your mom is coming soon. I talked to her today and she is VERY excited to see you. I am really jealous! I have all my goodies ready to go. Your mom is making special room for our treats to you! I really appreciate it and hope you will enjoy all the small things from home. We love you and miss you!!

    Be safe, be smart.. Love Tracy